Quotes on dating and love

Others are less positive, like when someone might as well physically rip your heart out to match the emotional damage they're inflicting.These kinds of experiences are pretty much inevitable unless you're one of those people who stumbles upon your forever person in kindergarten and never breaks up to "see what else is out there." Otherwise, chances are you've dealt with at least a few of the following 15 feelings before.Once you decide to start dipping your toes in the dating pool again, channel that mindset into your dating world as well.Talking about fireworks and dating is an old cliché, but a good one.When you’re with a partner who freely returns this mindful energy to you, love will be found around every corner, in even the smallest of gestures.Ready for conscious, like-minded individuals you really want to meet?The best partners can help free your mind by exposing your current limitations.

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By being aware of the interconnectivity of our choices, we pull ourselves back from the brink of negligence and blame.

From great novels to catchy songs, here are the 101 best relationship quotes of all time.

Just as important as celebrating our nation’s independence, let’s also celebrate our own this 4th of July.

Some of us may have forgotten that crackling, bursting-with-freshness feeling we experience the first time we connect with someone on the deepest levels, but the fireworks don’t have to stop after this phase wears off.

Letting mindfulness course through our relationships will invigorate and multiply the happiness, awe and surprise that comes on even the most mundane of days.

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